Love horoscope: Discover your unique love story

That astrology is becoming increasingly popular , astrology, also applies absolutely to your love life.

What will you discover in this article:

  • Free love horoscopes based on your zodiac sign
  • What your qualities are
  • What this means for your love affair

It is therefore high time to devote well-deserved and thorough attention to the love horoscopes . The impressions that a Taurus would not fit with a Gemini, or an Sagittarius would not fit with a Libra, fall short of the valuable instrument of astrology. The consequence of this is that a lot of knowledge is lost.

Everyone has their own quality and therefore their own unique addition or challenge in the love relationship . In which you complement each other and in which you are complementary.

Where and in which connection and elements are your planets based on your birth time? The horoscope is one large organic whole, in which every link takes part.

Do you prefer a love full of passion and fire, or open your heart to a love partner with a calm character.

Love horoscope Aries

You are receptive and spontaneous in the love Aries , in which your motto ‘comes from postponement is postponed’ . You make contact easily and are not shy. Aries.

It is your fiery heart that cannot be tamed and that you would love to seduce into new love adventures. There is of course nothing wrong with that, unless you enjoy a fantastic love partner by your side. This means that it is important for you that you have enough variety within a relationship.

Going out with your loved one and being active in sports, games and exercise is wonderful. You prefer holidays where you undertake a lot together and go on an adventure. Bungee jumping, abseiling and going on a skiing holiday together are great for you.

What you also love is a sparring partner with whom you can take on the challenge. The blood flows passionately through your veins and you can therefore become restless if there is dullness and monotony around the corner.

You therefore represent the first ultimate Spring sign, with the first sign associated with the ‘fire’ element. Your inner motivations are passionate love and exploring. You are a first-rate conqueror and adventurer.

Be aware that you represent the germination force, so that you do not let grass grow on it for exploring. You are more than happy to follow the flowers and the bees and prefer to flit into freedom again in your own way.

You have a great need for adventure and freedom. At the same time you have a certain, charming and for many irresistible purity. You will certainly notice that you have a quick connection, coupled with a magnetic power .

It is the planet Mars that is linked to your zodiac sign. This makes you even more free in your posture, so that you immediately take action. You will be familiar with responding from the first impulse. Intimacy play an important role in your love life.

You are active, spontaneous and you like to push your limits.

Love horoscope Taurus

You are expectant in your love life Taurus and you have the preference to take it easy. Your motto is unlike Aries, “hasty rush is rarely good .” With all your steadfastness, you certainly cannot be rid of here. You take all the time in the world and, as befits a true bon vivant, you also enjoy the way to your love affair.

Once you have been conquered and you have settled yourself together with your loved one, there is no turning back. You are the most faithful sign of all twelve love zodiac signs dear Taurus.

You also prefer to keep your preference for keeping things that simple and simple simple. This naturally also applies to your love troubles. Safety and tranquility are important motives and are your motives.

Your love life will be built from a solid foundation and you will swear forever. The lucky bird that comes your way can therefore count on an astrological love partner that can really be built on.

You represent the element Earth and you are also the first sign of the zodiac. With this you represent the purest form and this means an excellent basis for growth and flowering for your love life . All facets are present and if it does not ‘clash’ for a while, you can use your firm body to add even more strength to make your love life a success. You do not shy away from Taurus.

The planet Venus is connected to you, which further encourages your kind heart to become optimally happy if you and your loved one can enjoy all the small and good things in life . However, as a true bon vivant you are not afraid to enjoy a wonderful Wellness weekend with your loved one, followed by a dinner and an overnight stay in a luxury resort.

Your sensual senses are awakened on all sides from your sometimes slumbering body and are only too happy to be provided with their desires.

Your love motto is ‘for ever’.

Love horoscope Gemini

As a true optimist you enjoy your love life cheerful Gemini enormously . Your philosophy of life is “Life doesn’t have to be that complicated and complicated” and with this you definitely add a wonderful shine to your love affair and the twelve love constellations of the western zodiac .

With your great mobility you need a lot of freedom and freedom of movement in your relationship . You love to share your large circle of friends and acquaintances with your partner. In addition, you will certainly enjoy it if you are released with full confidence to be able to go out on your own.

Are you back together with your loved one, do you honor your identity ‘Gemini’ as symbolically named thousands of years ago. Alone and a day on your own are a rare concept for you. You need a buddy next to you, with whom you can spend the entire day in exchange, and above all to be able to do everything ‘together’. In short, you did not come to be alone.

If you are single at the moment, then spend a lot of time with your heart friends.

You have a broad orientation and you find many topics interesting. This makes you a great conversation partner . You like to share your broad knowledge arc with the love of your life and with this you certainly do not compromise the air element under which you were born.

The refreshing and endearing openness that is so characteristic of you, adorn you and are striking for maintaining your love relationship.

The mobile planet Mercury therefore seamlessly connects to your connecting nature, so that you really enjoy being on the road with your love partner . In the car, train or plane en route to a beautiful resort, the forests or beaches do you good. You also enjoy being in the open air together , and then settling down at a cozy beach club with lounge music where you can spend hours.

There is talk about everything, in which you love to share personal experiences together and are certainly not the most difficult to adjust.

Love horoscope Cancer

You are a true giver, gentle Cancer, and this is also the basis in which you face your love life in everything. If you feel warm and your feelers have told you that it is safe , you will completely relax.

It therefore needs some time before you can take off the armor, which you keep together as a mollusk. Once the ‘true Jacob’ has entered your love life, you let go of all the shyness that you adorn, and you intensely enjoy a fantastic love life.

You enjoy it immensely when you can pamper yourself and you can poke anything when it comes to homeliness and cosiness . Building a family life together with your loved one is a big heart wish . You do this well sentimental Cancer, you also need to be cherished.

This love horoscope tells you that spending hours on the couch, with romantic candlelight and the wood stove are the ultimate image for you. You appreciate the small things in life and you can be very satisfied by spending hours with your beloved in and around the house.

Doing the groceries together and then settling down with a cozy and cozy cup of tea make your cuddly wellbeing very satisfied.

Your love zodiac sign is assigned to the always flowing element Water. You will certainly recognize that you can always stay sharp not to lose yourself in the other. Certainly if there have been challenges in your love life.

Emotions and feelings always come first and this can of course also be a pitfall for you, so that you lose yourself. Dare to say what you feel and want.

The Moon belongs to you Cancer and with this she honors you through all the different faces she shows in the blinding starry sky. Together with your loved one, the ultimate pleasure is when your skin is endlessly caressed with soft oils. You optimally enjoy a soft and warm start, which ends in an intense sensual sensation.

You love being pampered yourself.

Love horoscope Leo

As the noble sign of the love horoscopes, your wild mane is only too happy to be caressed Lion . You are a personality with a big and warm heart and with this you gladly give back what you get from your loved one.

The humorous look at yourself, life and others are contagious and feed your love life in a pleasant way. You have a lot of initiative and like to take the lead from your fervent enthusiasm to make your partner happy.

You have a broad understanding and like to go out together to celebrate life. Born under the high summer star you also want to get everything in love and life with all your enthusiasm You are aware of the relativity of life and prefer to assume that every day must be a celebration again. If your loved one is upset, he or she can count on all your support and support.

In addition to being able to spend time together, you also enjoy being with your friends and social contacts . You also know how to combine this perfectly with the ultimate moments of love together with your partner, in which you can be extremely protective.

You therefore represent the second love sign of the zodiac, in which it is characteristic that you almost certainly have childlike playfulness in your love relationship .

It is important that your loved one is able to give you a hefty dose of space in order to be independent. You are extremely creative, charismatic Leo and you need it to experience this.

The Sun is your great source of inspiration and makes you enjoy together with your loved one and put the flowers outside. You have undeniable confidence in the flow of your love life . Enjoying luxury and style together is wonderful.

Dear Lion, you represent the passionate leader in intimacy. Here you will also find it wonderful to push your limits.

Really nothing is too much for you, in which you naturally have passionate life energy

Love horoscope Virgo

In your love life you do not run that well- ordered Virgo . With your modest and analytical structure, you would rather look at the cat from the tree before embarking on a love affair.

The person you could ‘snare’ must therefore come from a good family. Before the very first date, you have already done quite a bit of preliminary research and if it seems to you, it is your sober mind that tells you that it is fluff.

You grow in the love relationship and you take all the time for this. Once you have connected yourself with a nice and loving partner, your service really comes into its own.

With innate precision, you are extremely helpful and your loved one absolutely lucky . This, combined with your natural modesty and refined physical care make Cupido more than good.

The love gestures that you make are mainly practical and realistic and are more in the small, loving intentions. Regarding romance, you would like to check the magazines to be able to store all the information to make it your love art.

You can also work less with emotions . Expressing your feelings and desires can therefore be where exercise material is for you.

What you have to offer in the astrological love relationship is the element Earth. This is the bed of deep admiration, being together in the soft ointment of silence and an unconditional friendship. You also like to go out into nature with your loved one to seek silence or you can also spend a whole Sunday immersed in a book, when the house is on the side.

It is the planet Mercury to which you are connected and which gives you the valuable combination in the love relationship, that words that do not always need to be spoken are nevertheless there in the sense of respect .

This certainly also applies to intimacy. You are extremely caring and a true giver , in which you enjoy taking care of yourself and you expect this from your loved one.

Amor is happy to let you push your limits, with the pleasant deepening of spirituality .

Love horoscope Libra

If the theme of love is discussed and your environment is looking for unconditional and free horoscope advice, you should be turned on Libra . You strive for the highest and best in your love life. Harmony, beauty and finding the right balance are one of your life missions .

The basis that you lay in the relationship is “If you are happy, then I am happy” . This is of course a wonderful starting point as long as you do not lose your own identity and sometimes you have serious doubts. Your quality is that you are so able to move with the other, that there is a danger of losing yourself around the corner .

With your gentle and loving personality traits you enjoy the protagonist in your life immensely. You’ll love getting up together, working around the clock, and then coming back home together and enjoying a long, atmospheric evening.

You love to go out together , do a City Trip to view and purchase the latest fashion gadgets, or enjoy relaxing together on the attractive and soft couch in front of the tube. What you want is to enjoy life together with your loved one and to get the most out of everything that is possible.

As Libra, you represent the seven-fold sign of the astrological love zodiac, namely the element of air, and you gratefully use it.

You enjoy the most diverse conversations, exchanges and together with the love of your life you cannot stop talking. It is very important for you to share . Working together, living together and entering into a traditional marriage really suits you.

The lovely planet Venus is only too happy to be connected with you and with this the nail is hit on the head that you are a true romantic . You open your heart very easily for the other. Enjoying Cupid’s love caresses together means the ultimate connection. You are gentle and receptive in eroticism when all your doubts are behind you.