Deccan Chronicle is the largest English newspaper in the place of South India. We give lots of news and exploration about the different things that happens every day. When it comes to news that we are giving to our reader, Deccan Chronicle newspapers are said to be unbiased and fearless. We actually won award for our dedicated and mature way for providing news to its readers.

The Deccan chronicle newspaper has providing more than 1.45 million of copies every day from the different places of; Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. There are also eight editions in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Rajahmundry, Vijayawada, Vishakapatnam, Karimnagar, Anantapur, Coimbatore, and Nellore. The newspaper has a tough presence in Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kochi.

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Deccan chronicle newspaper is very famous in Telugu paper Andhra Bhoomi. We also operates in Odysseys which is the neighbourhood leisure collection and offers a whole gamut of way of life products like books, stationary, CD’s and gifts. This collection gives aspirational ideas that every people use in your everyday living. The main concern of our newspapers is to give our reader great and latest facts that are invaluable. There are some stores in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and in National Capital Region.

Deccan chronicle newspaper is published in Hyderabad in India by the year of 1938. The newspaper name is derived from its original place Decca. Supplements of these are TV Guide, Hyderabad Chronicle, Sunday Chronicle, Chennai Chronicle, Kerala Chronicle and Bengaluru Chronicle. The sister newspaper of this is the Financial Chronicle. This is also an Indian English-language newspaper that was published in the year of 2008. Deccan chronicle newspaper covers international and Indian economic topics, issues as well as financial news.

Deccan chronicle newspaper has a clear context that is very important to every reader. We have our different kinds of news and topics that are very informative and useful to everyone. Our news has a wide area that includes topics that are true and accurate. We are honest and direct to all the things that we write on our news. We see to it that their newspapers are new and updated to the real things that are happening around the world.

Our news is all unique and based from the real story of people. We want to give the best news that every people need to know. We are giving the information about a lot of things that useful to every person. We are aiming of a high quality of news that our reader truly deserve. Our goal is to give our reader the best news and data that are comprehensive and easy to understand. Deccan chronicle newspaper wants to provide you the article that will give you the true meaning and the reality of life.

We love to improve the lives of the each person that is why we are writing lots of different news and articles that you will use in your everyday activity. These useful printed materials will surely give you lots of learning’s and possible thing that may happen. Every day we are looking forward to give you the new and hot news, this is to help you and continue give the latest topics in the world.

Deccan chronicles newspapers also have Sunday chronicle print articles. Our newspapers are also covering things about nation, world, entertainment, sports, business, opinion, technology, lifestyle, and gallery.

  • Nation. We are tackling anything under current affairs about the latest things that happening inside the country. This also includes the education, crime and politics. With this, you will become more open to the true situation of your country.
  • World. In this, we are giving news regarding to those things that happening outside the country. We are updating all he people about the current issues that other countries are experiencing. These will also give people opportunities to know what the things that other nations are going through are.
  • Entertainment. This gives information about the famous people around the world. The topics are that can be tackle are from Hollywood, Mollywood, Sandalwood, Tollywood, Kollyood, TV and music. This event will give them the updates about their favorite celebrities inside and outside their country. These also give you information about the latest music and TV shows.
  • Sports. These are the topics all about the sports. These include different sports like tennis, cricket, motor sports, football and many more.
  • Business. The unified agenda in here are all issues about the economics, markets, autos, and companies. This is to update the people what are the true situation of their country. This issue identifies if their nation are improving or not.
  • Opinion. The opinions and comments are free to indicate in this item. You can freely state the entire thing that you want to say and suggest about the hot topics that your countries are facing. You can express your ideas and feeling in this section. With that you will be given a chance to give a precise reaction in all the things that are happening inside and outside of your country.
  • Technology. This is one of the most exciting topics that most people would like to know. This includes science and trends, gadgets, mobiles and tabs. All latest things about technology are highly tackled in this sector.
  • Lifestyle. This is a very informative segment and also a useful one. In this area you will get lots of ideas about health and wellbeing, relationships, food, travel, pets and environment. You will get different information that you will use and serve as a tool inn your every day journey.
  • Gallery. This area has broad news about things that are happening around the world. These have lots of current news about life and popular people. In this anything under the sun can be tackle.

Deccan chronicle newspapers have various types of news and information that will give you different facts. These will motivate and guide to become a better person. The ideas shown to these articles are new and updated. We assure that all the information comes from Deccan chronicle newspapers are all true and correct.